Here are some projects that I have worked on or am working on.

Op-Amp Design and Fabrication (January – April 2017)

For my CMOS design/fabrication course, one of the major projects was the design, fabrication, and testing of a CMOS op-amp implemented in silicon-on-insulator (SOI). My design differed from the common two stage op-amp since it used an indirect compensation method rather than traditional Miller compensation.

LoRa Tracking Device/Data Logger (December 2016 – Present)

After reading about various projects involving data logging and RF, I became interested in building such a device myself. Usually these use a cellular link, but I wanted something simpler. I stumbled upon LoRa modulation, which allows transceivers with very high sensisitivity in exchange for a low bitrate. It can work in the ISM band at 915 MHz which doesn’t require licensing. This sounded perfect, so I decided to order some development boards. Look for some upcoming blog posts!

Lab Power Supply (July 2016 – Present)

When I started this project, I did not have any general purpose lab power supplies at home, so I set out with the goal of building one. This is an ongoing project; see the following posts:

Cascode Amplifier (July 2016)

For one of my analog electronics courses (ELEC 3509 at Carleton University), one of the lab projects was the design of a cascode amplifier. This is a 2-transistor circuit that has an improved frequency response from the common emitter amplifier since it overcomes the Miller effect.

Reverse Engineering Project (October 2013)

For my first-year “Introduction to Engineering” course, I was tasked with the redesign of a simple mechanical component. As a past Scout and backcountry camper, one thing that I thought could be improved is the humble tent peg that is used to prevent a camping tent from shifting around during the night (or blowing away if it’s windy!). This project involved modelling the improved design in parametric CAD software (PTC Creo) and producing a 3D-printed prototype.

CruiseControl: A 2D Javascript game (2013)

In my final year of high school, I wrote a simple 2D game from scratch, using Javascript and HTML, in order to learn about how game frameworks work.